• sweeperHistorically, carpets were cleaned using carpet sweepers. They may not be as commonly used today, but some homes and commercial units like stores and businesses still use them. Carpet sweepers can be said to be the precursors of the modern vacuum cleaner and were largely superseded and replaced by these electricity-powered cleaners. There are many instances, however, when carpet sweepers are still quite useful and preferable in cleaning carpets.

    For instance, when cleaning needs to be done, but it is preferable to cause as little disturbance as possible to the surroundings, such as when there is a sleeping baby, or in the corridors of hotel rooms where patrons or guests are sleeping. If the mess that needs to be cleaned from the carpet is merely surface dirt or dust, easily loosened from the carpet fibers, then a carpet sweeper may be preferable to use than a carpet vacuum cleaner. To this day, these are the instances when carpet sweepers are used rather than its noisier descendant, the modern vacuum cleaner.

    Carpet cleaners are mechanical, and they work with the use of rollers and brushes connected by belts and gears. These rollers and brushes are located at the base of a box-like apparatus, so that when pushed against the floor using a long handle, the brushes and the rollers turn, sweeping up the dust and dirt from the carpet. This dirt and dust are then directed towards a container connected to the box. When the carpet sweeper is pushed along the floor using a long handle, the rollers turn, and the brushes would rotate, essentially sweeping up the dirt and dust from the carpet. And to adjust for the differences in carpet types and the length of carpet fibers, carpet sweepers were also equipped with adjustable heights for the rollers.

    Carpet sweepers originated in the United States, though its popularity soon reached the UK when newer models became commercially available. Subsequently, many of the newer carpet sweepers began to introduce other innovations to this cleaning equipment. At the beginning of the 20th century, powered versions of the carpet sweeper were developed, where rechargeable batteries powered the equipment and an electric motor spun the rollers and brushes. More recently, robotic versions, which were also equipped with suction power, also became available.

    If you do have a carpet sweeper at home, this is ideal to use when all you need is surface cleaning that can be done quickly and quietly. Its lightweight quality makes it ideal for a quick and widespread clean, or for dealing with the easily swept mess that may have gotten onto your carpet, like the shavings of a pencil, for instance, small objects like buttons or paperclips, or small pieces of shredded and torn paper. It would also be ideal for a quick and simple sweep when you wish to give your carpets a quick clean at the soonest possible time. And because carpet sweepers are smaller and are less cumbersome than vacuum cleaners, they are also easier and more convenient to store.

    Using a carpet sweeper is simple – just push it over the area of the carpet that you wish to clean. Push it forward and backward, and the dirt and dust will be swept up from your carpet, and into the provided container. Just remember to empty out the dust container before cleaning, and as soon as the container becomes full.

    You may also want to pick up the larger types of the mess that would not be handled easily by the rollers. This is to keep them from getting entangled in the rollers and brushes.

    Article source: www.atlantacarpetcleaningcare.com