• DON’T choose a carpet cleaner from craigslist.

    This is like buying the latest iPhone model from eBay. Just, no.

    DON’T hire a carpet cleaner through chat or a phone call.

    Try to meet them in person prior to cleaning day. In that way, you’ll get to discuss face-to-face what your objectives are, and get to know the person who will be cleaning your carpet and their methods of cleaning. Avoid having to pay a large amount of money for bad service on the day itself.

    DON’T choose a carpet cleaner because their prices are lower, or because they offer “great” deals.

    The deals do not guarantee a good service. In fact, you might end up with a bigger problem. This doesn’t mean you should go on and find the most expensive carpet cleaning company out there. Know your objectives, talk to companies that have good reviews and lots of loyal customers, and learn about the most suitable services they can offer.

    DON’T choose a carpet cleaner based on their equipment.

    Consumers sort of have this mentality: ‘the newer, the better.’ Well, such saying doesn’t apply to everything. Choose a carpet cleaning team who is proven to be skilled, knowledgeable, and have a good industry record. Having updated equipment is a plus. But what you really need are trained and experienced cleaners.

    DO choose a carpet cleaning company that is a member of the Carpet and Fabricare Institute (CFI).

    This is literally the only association dedicated to ensure reliable carpet cleaning and fabric care from cleaning companies. Yes, we should be thankful they exist. Their main mission is to share valuable information (about the latest products, equipment, and methods) among their members for the benefit of both companies and clients.

    DO choose a carpet cleaner who has an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

    This certificate is equivalent to a license. Carpet cleaning specialists should go through training and certification before they can work on the field.

    DO choose a carpet cleaning company that has great reviews.

    Good reviews from real people (and not bots created by the company you’re looking to hire) is always a good sign. You can also rely on word of mouth.

    DO choose a carpet cleaning company that offer a money-back guarantee.

    Of course, you should consider this when looking to buy a certain product or hire a service provider. A cleaning company who offers a money-back guarantee can be a great option.

    Article source:  www.atlantacarpetcleaningcare.com