• Carpet steam cleaning is a new alternative to the much-overused dry cleaning technique. Now, it may not dry as quickly, but it’s just as efficient and effective. Steam cleaning is something you ought to try as it offers a lot of wonderful benefits too.

    How does carpet steam cleaning work?

    Carpet steam cleaning is exactly what its name suggests. High-temperature water is applied to your carpets to soften up the fibers and allow a deep clean. This is no typical wet carpet cleaning means though. It dries quicker compared to the rest of its kind. You may wonder why. The water that supposedly soaks the carpet isn’t really soaking the carpet, because of its very high temperature.

    Weekly vacuuming is good because it gets rid of the dirt on the surface of your carpet; however, it doesn’t get rid of the in-fiber dirt and bacteria build-up. Sometimes, if your vacuum just doesn’t make the cut anymore or is a cheap, low-quality one, it pollutes your indoor air and may even worsen your carpet’s condition.

    What you need to do is to call your trusted professional carpet cleaners. You will be needing their expertise to help you maintain a great indoor air quality and revive your sullied and drab carpets.

    In what way is deep steam cleaning better than dry cleaning?

    Dry cleaning may not use chemical detergents but they do however still require the usage of artificial chemicals. Though it is proven that dry carpet cleaning is effective, it does not get rid of the stains completely unlike carpet deep cleaning. There are times when other cleaning firms tend to cover up stains if they can’t get rid of it through dry cleaning, by using bleaching chemicals to lighten the carpet’s material. It’s a “quick fix” technique.

    Deep steam cleaning, on the other hand, can handle difficult stains fairly well. No matter how deep the grime has seeped into the carpet material, this method of cleaning can match it. The ultimate reason for its effectivity in removing rigid stains lies in the temperature of the water. The material and fiber allow the extreme heat to entirely go through them. Add in an organic cleaning product, and it’ll look just like a stain never happened. Plus, deep steam cleaning thoroughly cleanses up to the deepest parts of your carpet.

    A pet-friendly means of carpet cleaning

    If you love pets and have a couple of them in your home, you should seriously consider deep steam cleaning over other methods. Steam cleaning uses minimal cleaning products. In most instances, cleaners aren’t even used at all!

    For centuries, cleaning using hot water has been tried and tested and practiced by people from all corners of the world. It effectively gets rid of parasites, mold, mildew, fungus, and germs that may cause a variety of illnesses among household members and pets.

    Wouldn’t deep steam cleaning damage my carpet?

    This is another long-standing myth. Since there is only minimal to zero use of harsh chemicals, and deep steam cleaning does not involve vigorous scrubbing, then your carpet’s quality isn’t on the line.

    To sum everything up, deep steam carpet cleaning is a sure-fire, environment-friendly, and health-friendly method to get your carpets thoroughly spruced up.

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