• dyeIs your carpet looking a bit more under the weather than you would have wished? Perhaps you have had your carpet for a long time, and are now concerned about how far its colors have faded. Or perhaps you have just finished cleaning a stain on your carpet, and you are horrified because you also messed up the colors in the spot you had cleaned because of the stain. Perhaps you are dealing with otherwise lighter patches of color on your carpet, for whatever reason. If so, then you might explore the possibilities of spot dyeing.

    Spot dyeing is part of carpet restoration where the aim is to restore the faded colors of your carpet, if not similar to the original, then at least equivalent to the colors of the rest of the carpet. Unlike spot cleaning where you address the removal of unwanted stains on your carpet, spot dyeing aims to restore color to areas or patches of your carpet where the color has faded out, for one reason or another. Some of the most common culprits for color loss in carpets are bleach and urine.

    Perhaps you have patches like this on your carpet, and so are now thinking seriously about replacing your carpets. Why not try the less expensive alternative or spot dyeing first? The aim here, of course, is not so much to restore the original color and vividness of your carpet as when you first bought it, but to restore it to the extent that the color-less patch or area blends into the surrounding colors or areas, making the spot no longer so noticeable. This is different from a more general carpet restoration, where the original color and vividness is restored to the entire carpet. Here, we are only dealing with specific areas or spots on your carpet

    Color correction in the manner of spot dyeing does require the expertise of professional technicians. The specific color blending, its application, and making the color fast so that the dye does not bleed, fade or stain the rest of the carpet, requires the precise hand of a professional. Components of a successful spot dyeing would require a good familiarity with color and color mixing, the effect of particular dyes on various types of carpet, and the impact of the original culprit of the color loss, such as if you used bleach or if it was the result of pet urine.

    Those who offer spot dyeing services may not offer guarantees for their services to warrant that they will achieve a seamless result that blends in with the rest of the carpet. The success rate is high enough, however, that you might seriously consider spot dyeing before completely replacing your carpets.

    Article source: www.atlantacarpetcleaningcare.com