• There’s no denying how dearly we love our pets, and that we often treat them like they’re our own kids. From the get-go, you should’ve already known what to expect when owning a pet, and it should include the management of their body waste. But of course, you’re not always at home and your pet might not always be potty-trained. In connection to that, you get home from work or school with a surprise (or two) sitting right on your carpet, from your beloved friends. Cleaning the visible waste is one thing, but getting rid of the odor is another. Even if you have successfully removed the waste, its odor can linger around in your house.

    Sometimes it’s not only the waste that causes the stench. Your pets usually just have that distinct body odor in them. They could have rolled onto the carpet after you gave them a bath, or after they had played outdoors. They can leave a distinct smell in your house that you, your household members, and your guests might find unpleasant. Despite the odor, don’t send your beloved pets outside to stay and sleep. There are ways to get rid of their smell inside your home, and we can do that for you. Our team of pet odor removal specialists in Atlanta, GA will take good care of your carpets and furniture, just like how you take good care of your dear pets.

    Why is pet odor difficult to get rid of?

    You’ve scrubbed, brushed, and rinsed as many times you find necessary; however, what these methods really do is destroy a perfectly good rug rather than remove the unpleasant smell that might have stuck to it. You can buy a cleaning agent from over the counter but it’s more of a quick fix than an actual solution. Do-it-yourself cleaning leads only to temporary outcomes and your rug won’t receive the deep clean that it requires.

    Urine is chemical, that’s why they have such a strong smell. Also keep in mind the reason why waste is called “waste.” It’s because they are filled with bacteria that give off strong unpleasant odors.

    Why hire the expertise of professionals to remove the pet odors lingering in your home?

    Our team of carpet cleaners in Atlanta, GA can clean any surface in your home that’s affected by your pet’s wastes. We offer a deep clean and can neutralize your rug to effectively get rid of the bad smell. The easier option can be to buy air fresheners, desensitize the surface, or simply spray on a fragrant solution on the affected area, but they only do a cover-up. Cover-ups are temporary, and they make the surface smell good for a while only. However, the problem lies within. No matter how often you spray on air fresheners, the odor will come back after a short period of time, and bacteria will remain in your home.

    That’s why it’s highly recommended for you to avail of our professional pet odor removal solutions. We not only have the best and safest techniques to remove bad odors entirely, but we also ensure to get rid of bacteria, to create a much healthier environment for you, your family, and your pets.

    High-quality and budget-friendly pet odor removal services!

    This one-of-a-kind service is a must for our fellow pet lovers out there. We value your pets as much as you do, that is why we always strive to deliver only the best cleaning services to keep you and your pets happy. Our services include:

    • Ultraviolet light inspection and free consultation
    • Moisture and odor detection
    • Damage analysis
    • Deep cleaning
    • Neutralization

    These are on top of our cleaning team’s knowledge – proper training and high-tech equipment.

    So what are you waiting for? Contact us now, so we can book you a free appointment!