• Maintaining a clean carpet can be a pain in the neck, especially if you own pets, have small children, or live with careless household members around. Just the mere thought of the carpet being soiled even after a hard day’s work of cleaning can be extremely frustrating. Worry no more. Here are 5 hacks to keep your carpet clean and well-protected.

    Tip #1 – Vacuum regularly.

    You’ve probably heard this tip one too many times, and it’s hardly considered a ‘hack’, but we can never stress enough how important it is to vacuum. Do not let the dirt in the fibers of your carpet linger. They easily grow in number and eventually, you’ll have a whole new thick layer of dust and dirt on your carpet that would be very difficult to remove.

    Tip #2 – Have your carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year.

    An annual fancy clean can’t hurt anybody. It might hurt your wallet a little if you’re looking for a special cleaning service from a reliable carpet cleaning company, but it only happens once a year after all. A professional cleaning service for your carpet is a great investment. Your carpet can get all the protection it needs from the products and equipment the trusted carpet cleaners will be using.

    Tip #3 – Treat stains immediately.

    Getting down on your knees and vigorously rubbing a stain off with a damp towel in the middle of a party maybe a bit exaggerated. By “immediately,” it means treating a stain or spill as soon as you are able to. If you’ve left a stain sitting on your rug or carpet for too long, it will become much harder to remove overtime.

    Dab and use a safe mild solution to remove the stain. Always start from the outer edges and carefully work your way to the middle. Be patient, and soon enough the carpet will be as good as new.

    Tip #4 – Regularly move things around.

    This is more like moving your furniture, decorations, rugs, and carpets around. It’s a trick to make guests think that you got something new, but it can also redistribute the ‘traffic.’ You can put a patterned carpet underneath a glass coffee table, or have half of it covered by a couch where there is low traffic. Have fun experimenting!

    Tip #5 – Get a ‘carpet vitamin.’

    Find a product that you can use regularly to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. It’s sort of like how people take vitamins to boost and maintain good health. Get a product that has good reviews and comes from an authentic and trusted manufacturer.

    Article source: www.atlantacarpetcleaningcare.com