• Although well known in the United States by North Americans, Atlanta is quite underrated by many foreign tourists. When in Atlanta, you’ve got to see and experience the night life. If you’re into night partying, then the city is where you should go. The lights may not be as blinding as those in Vegas, and the streets may not make as much noise as in New York, but Atlanta’s soul comes alive beautifully at night. It is a mixture of the historic, and the modern.
    That isn’t the only exciting thing about Atlanta. In this city, there are sights built for tourists and they never disappoint, not even for the locals that might have already been used to seeing them. Here are the top 5 spots you should visit when in Atlanta.

    #5 The World of Coca-Cola

    Believe it or not, this place is a boggling 60,000-square-foot display of everything Coca-Cola. It’s comparable to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, only not quite as crazy; but if the company is taking suggestions, maybe they could try to fit in a river of soda inside. The world of Coca-Cola is complete with the largest display of Coca-Cola memorabilia, a tasting room that includes 100 beverages from all four corners of the world, and a sort of behind-the-scenes look on how soda is created.

    #4 The High Museum of Art

    This top art museum located in the midtown area possesses over 12,000 pieces in its collection. Although the pieces are diverse and vary from across centuries and cultures, there is a touch of modern motif to the building itself. The structure and everything about it makes it an art piece on its own, and it is quite thought-provoking.
    The best feature of this museum is that it supports completely Southern and local artists. In fact, there is a department devoted for the development of folk art and self-taught artists.

    #3 – The Fox Theater

    This 1928 home to Atlanta’s Shriners Organization has never lost its vintage charm. That’s why it’s always been an Atlantan favorite. It caters to nothing but the best shows on earth like world-class musical acts, stage performances, Broadway musicals, and many more for the cinephile within us. Every year, the theatre accepts 300 shows and fills it up with more or less half a million people annually. Theater lives on in Atlanta.

    #2 – Stone Mountain Park

    If there is one word to describe the mountain that is located literally at the middle of Atlanta, it would be “grand.” The faces of Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee were carved on the surfaces, allowing tourists a chance to get a scent of local history and origin. There is a sky lift, but the hiking routes are too great to pass off.

    #1 – Georgia Aquarium

    The Georgia Aquarium ranks number one in the list of best family bonding destinations in Atlanta. The overhead aquarium never fails to impress its guests with its majestic water giants and colorful ocean life forms. If you have children, this can earn you their warmest of approvals. The aquarium might even ignite the child in you.

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