• #1 Surprisingly, Atlanta was not originally the chief city of Georgia. In fact, it’s been the 5th capital of this convivial state. The first capital was Savannah, followed by Augusta, then Louisville, that was succeeded by Milledgeville.

    #2 Although a friendly city, Atlanta is also strong in trait. Its history tells of a fire that was intentionally started to turn the city into mere ashes, but Atlanta got back to its feet and flourished again, better than ever. The historical happening lead to the use of the mythical bird phoenix, as the city’s symbol, regenerated and reborn from a fire that did not break its spirit but gave it power instead.

    #3 You’ll find the word “Peachtree” in almost every corner of the city because there are over 65 streets with that word in it.

    #4 If you’re one with an eye for luxurious shopping, locals will most likely point you to “Buckhead,” the South’s version of Beverly Hills. Now you might be thinking that its name doesn’t quite fit to its affluence, but there’s history behind that. Way back in the 19th century, a store was owned by a hunter named Irby whose prized catch was a large deer. He mounted the buck’s head on his store, which became a popular tourist attraction.

    #5 The well-known Eastern Continental Dive, separating the drainage of the Gulf of Mexico from the watersheds flowing towards the Atlantic Ocean is found in the city. The rainwater that falls into the south and east of the ECD goes to the Atlantic Ocean while the ones that fall into the north and west run towards the Gulf of Mexico. All that flows right through downtown Atlanta!

    #6 One of the tallest buildings in the United States is an Atlanta gem. Atlanta’s very own The Bank of America Plaza stands at a boggling 1,023 feet. Its height isn’t the only thing that’s astounding, but also the fact that the building lacks any street-level pedestrian entrances. Most people come in and out from the underground parking. That’s how Americans keep their money safe.

    #7 Only in Atlanta will you find a specific law against tying a giraffe against a street lamp or telephone poll. So, when in Atlanta, better get a sitter for your pet giraffe.
    #8 Nobel Peace Prize winners Martin Luther King Jr. and President Jimmy Carter are both from Atlanta. It is also one of only two cities in the world to be the home of two Nobel Peace Prize winners.

    #9 Atlanta has the world’s largest and prominent toll-free dialing area. Alongside Chicago, it’s also famed for the most shopping center space per capita. Not only those, but it holds the largest annual 10K race popularly known as the “Peachtree Road Race” that has 45,000 participants each year.

    #10 Atlanta takes the 3rd Rank for the most substantial mass of Fortune 500 companies located in the United States.

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