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“YOU will always be the top priority at our company. We will do everything to ensure your complete satisfaction, including offering you great prices and only the best professional service based on our expertise and experience.”

“We do it all when it comes to carpets and rugs – we not only clean them, but will remove even deep-seated stains and deodorize areas. We’ll also do the same for upholstery, curtains and drapes. Our company is here to meet your needs.”

There’s simply no doubt about it! Your company is the one to call, for anyone looking for carpet and upholstery cleaning. I found your service to be top notch and your work was excellent.” … Jean B.

“It couldn’t be simpler. Call us or e-mail us, and tell us what you have in mind. We’ll draw up a fair quote based on photos you send us, or after a personal visit to your home to assess your cleaning needs.”

Let Local Atlanta Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, & Upholstery Cleaning Professionals Help Revamp Your Home

Are you looking around your home and thinking it might be time to refurnish it, change the drapes and replace the rugs? Before you rush into spending a great deal of time, trouble and cash on looking for new items, pause and think about getting the carpets, drapes and couches cleaned. It’s amazing what a professional cleaning can do, and the process can prove to be very affordable.

Give your carpets new life

Remember when the carpets you are looking at now in despair, captured your eye and gave your home the feel and atmosphere you really wanted and came to love? Give them a chance to do the same again. It will save you a good deal of money in these hard economic times, and you will be delighted with the result.

Soft, clean, and unstained carpets can make a home look and feel comfortable as well as inviting. However, there’s nothing more off-putting than the smells associated with dirty carpets. The odors of pets, dust and spilt food or drink, seem to be hanging in the air, despite your best attempts to clean them away. In addition, colors blur and become duller as a result of the dirt trapped in the carpet, upholstery or drapery fiber.

This can give your entire home a tired, old and unappealing look. Brightened up with a good professional cleaning, your carpets will bring back color and beauty to your home, and be far more comfortable underfoot.

Caring for Area Rugs

Area rugs, carefully chosen to add a special touch to your home, often take the biggest knock, becoming dirty, as well as sustaining damage. They are often placed in high foot traffic areas, or places where people like to stand or sit down for long periods. They are also likely to be moved about on the floor during house cleaning. This makes area rugs vulnerable to tracked in dirt, scuffing and general wear and tear.

That’s where carpet cleaning companies like ours come in. You can feel totally comfortable in the knowledge that your area rugs are in safe hands with them, and they will not only clean them, but can also repair damage caused by moth, and bind or rebuild fringes.

Their experience and knowledge covers the full gambit of area rugs, no matter whether they are made with natural or synthetic fiber, or whether the rugs are machined or hand made.

Special care for special rugs

Even your precious oriental rugs are safe with them for cleaning, restoration or repair. These handmade Oriental and Persian rugs have to be treated with great care, as they have a great deal of sentimental and, sometimes monetary, value, and can be valuable items to pass on to your children one day.

It is also not easy to replace them, as these are handcrafted with great attention to quality and design, and carry fairly hefty price-tags. It is important to know that the people who clean and repair them are capable, professional and experienced in this work.

Revitalizing fabric

Fabric cleaning is also a good investment in renewing, refreshing and revitalizing your home and décor. It’s astounding how a good clean can change a piece of furniture from looking ready to be scrapped, to an item that will elicit compliments from friends and family.

Cleaning sofas, couches, upholstery and even mattresses, fall within the abilities of a top Atlanta Carpet Cleaning company such as ours.

Don’t forget about the windows

If there is anything more difficult to clean effectively and easily yourself than your carpets and rugs, it is cleaning the window drapes, curtains and blinds. Even if you do try, it is not likely to be totally effective. All of these dressings for your windows pick up dust and dirt while hanging, catching much of the dirt from the air in your house, as well as what’s blown in through the windows. It is extremely time-consuming and heavy work to clean these yourself, particularly if you have to take them down, and later rehang them.

If your blinds, curtains or drapes have been hanging for a while, there’s a good chance they need a good cleaning and its time to call in professional cleaners, who know what it takes to ensure they are totally clean and smelling fresh in every room of your house

Stone cleaning and restoration

Some carpet cleaning companies, like ours, do not restrict themselves to carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture. They also include services that will see your marble and granite surfaces cleaned and restored, polished and sealed. They will also take on tile and grout cleaning.

Improving your home environment

It’s hard to believe that professional carpet, rug and fabric cleaning can actually make life easier for any family members that suffer from asthma or allergies. Yet it is true. Triggers for both of these nestle in carpets, fabric upholstery and even in curtains and blinds. Professionals operating in Atlanta Carpet cleaning services use specialist chem dry products which target almost all allergens found in carpets and upholstery, as well as improving the quality of the air in your home by dealing with bacteria in the air.

Specialist products can also target the odors left in your carpets by your furry friends. Young puppies can prove to be a real problem when it comes to carpets and couches, the house-training process taking its toll in terms of bad odors and stains. Even older dogs and cats leave a hard to remove odor on couches and carpets. Hair which works itself into the fabric can also stimulate allergic reactions and affect the quality of life for those in the house.

In addition to the eradication of old odors, and stain removal, companies doing upholstery and carpet cleaning in Atlanta GA, can also give professional help in preventing new stains and odors from permeating the fabrics and fibers, by applying Scotchgard fabric protector.

What you can expect from a Carpet Cleaning Service in Atlanta, GA

When choosing or dealing with carpet cleaning services, you will be expecting good service, professionalism, expertise and experience. The best way to discover whether a carpet cleaning service will live up to your expectations is to check any reviews available.

You will also need to be clear about what work you feel you need to have done, and seek advice from the experienced and skilled staff at the cleaning service on how it will be best and most effectively handled.

Cleaning services offered:

Residential carpet cleaning

Area rug cleaning, repairs & restoration

  • Area rug cleaning
  • Oriental rug repairs
  • Binding and rebuilding fringes
  • moth damage repair

Fabric cleaning

Window treatment cleaning

  • Drapery cleaning
  • Curtain cleaning
  • Blinds cleaning

Stone cleaning and restoration

Other Services